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At 5pm on Monday 6 November 2023, East Sussex and West Sussex County Councils will be hosting a webinar for Sussex-based landowners, land managers and farmers.


The webinar will be an essential briefing on Local Nature Recovery Strategies (LNRS) for Sussex, covering what they are, what landowners and managers can expect from the process, how to participate and the benefits of doing so.


It will be co-hosted by local representatives from NFU, CLA, the Farming & Wildlife Advisory Group and CLM (the Sussex-based land, business and property management consultancy). As well as the presentation, there will be an opportunity to pose questions to the panel in a Q&A.


Local Nature Recovery Strategies are a flagship measure in the Environment Act 2021 to encourage more coordinated, practical, and focussed action and investment in nature. 48 Local Nature Recovery Strategies are being developed around the country.


West Sussex and East Sussex County Councils were appointed as the ‘Responsible Authorities’ in May 2023. Together with a wide range of local stakeholders (including farmers and landowners, communities and businesses, and biodiversity and natural environment experts), they will produce two Local Nature Recovery Strategies for Sussex over the next 18 months: one covering West Sussex, and one for East Sussex and Brighton & Hove.